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Food consumption really only grows at the rate of population growth, so if you want to grow faster than that, you have to take market share from someone else. Ideally, you take it from someone weaker, who has less information. In this industry, the delivery platforms have found unsuspecting victims in restaurants and drivers.

Collin Wallace

# 22nd May 2020, 3:05 am / restaurants


Where should we stay in Nashville?

For a delightfully unique Nashville experience, I suggest looking up Santa’s Pub. It’s a dive bar in a double wide trailer run by a man who looks a bit like Santa, and every night there is karaoke night. Aside from being a bit smokey it’s an enormous amount of fun.

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Difficulty level: Eating dumplings

When I lived in Islington a few years ago I really liked New Culture Revolution for dumplings. It was never busy, not very expensive and the food was great.

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What are the best ramen places in London?

The big four are Bone Daddies, Tonkotsu, Shoryu and Ittenbari, all in or around Soho. You can find them all on my foursquare list here: Ramen in London

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What are the cheapest ways for a single man to eat in London without cooking?

24 hour fried chicken joints are a relatively cheap source of calories if you want hot food and don’t want to cook.

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Which restaurants in London serve orange or lemon sorbet served in a hollowed out orange or lemon?

Thanks to Twitter I’m informed that Ciao Bella on Lamb’s Conduit Street has the lemon version.

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What are some hidden gem restaurants in London for trying food from different countries, aside from the plenty of Indian, Chinese, Vietnamese, and Italian restaurants?

I’ll throw in a few of my favourites...

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Egypt: What is the best restaurant for fish in Dahab?

We’ve tried Al Capone and Ali Baba (both excellent, Ali Baba had slightly more exciting bread), also Friends (not quite as good) and Funny Mummy (good, but not quite up to Ali Baba’s standards—great decor though).

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