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Wednesday, 4th November 2009

Introducing the YUI 3 Gallery. Write a plugin for YUI3, BSD license it and sign a CLA and Yahoo! will push your module out to their CDN and make it loadable using the YUI().use() statement. They’re coordinating the submissions using GitHub.

# 11:14 pm / bsd, cla, git, github, javascript, opensource, yahoo, yui, yui3

UK Scale Camp. We’re hosting a one day web performance and scalability unconference at the Guardian on the 4th of December. If you’re involved in running a high-scale website in the UK (or abroad) we’d love you to come along. Spaces are going fast.

# 11:12 pm / events, guardian, performance, scalability, ukscalecamp, unconference

clarity. A web interface for tailing and grepping the log files in /var/log, written in Ruby and EventMachine.

# 10:36 pm / clarity, eventmachine, logging, ruby

Frank Wierzbicki: Leaving Sun. Frank performed miracles at Sun and before, helping bring the Jython project out of stasis and turning it in to an active, community maintained modern Python implementation. If you’re looking for an expert Python/Java/Dynamic languages guy you should snap him up.

# 10:33 pm / frank-wierzbicki, java, jython, python, sun

Introducing Resque. A new background worker management queue developed at GitHub, using Redis for the persistence layer. The blog post explains both the design and the shortcomings of previous solutions at length. Within 24 hours of the release code an external developer, Adam Cooke, has completely reskinned the UI.

# 8:20 pm / github, opensource, queue, redis, resque, ruby, sinatra, workers

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