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The Maximal Usage Doctrine for Open Source. Yehuda Katz shares my own philosophy on Open Source licensing—stick BSD or MIT on it to maximise the number of people who can use it. The projects I work on are small enough that I don’t care if someone makes big private improvements and refuses to share them. I can see how much larger projects like Linux would disagree though.

# 6th January 2010, 5:23 pm / bsd, licenses, linux, mit, open-source, yehudakatz


Introducing the YUI 3 Gallery. Write a plugin for YUI3, BSD license it and sign a CLA and Yahoo! will push your module out to their CDN and make it loadable using the YUI().use() statement. They’re coordinating the submissions using GitHub.

# 4th November 2009, 11:14 pm / bsd, cla, git, github, javascript, open-source, yahoo, yui, yui3

DB2 support for Django is coming. From IBM, under the Apache 2.0 License. I’m not sure if this makes it hard to bundle it with the rest of Django, which uses the BSD license.

# 18th February 2009, 10:58 pm / antonio-cangiano, bsd, databases, db2, django, ibm, licenses, open-source, orm, python