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Wednesday, 18th November 2009

Me and Belle de Jour—’Could it be Brooke?’ (via) Lovely piece of internet detective work and UK blogging history. Darren from LinkMachineGo figured out Belle de Jour’s identity right back in the start, based on his knowledge of the early UK blogging scene. Not only did he keep the secret, but he set up a clever honeypot in the form of an innocuous page containing terms that tied her identities together. When the page started getting hits from an Associated Newspapers (Daily Mail) IP address a few weeks ago he tipped Belle off via Twitter.

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Deep Tracing of Internet Explorer. dynaTrace Ajax looks like an awesome tool. For once, Internet Explorer has a development tool that other browsers can be jealous of.

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It's clear that, even those who are privileged by access and wealth and the ability to amplify their own voices have anticipated that we'll all be disenfranchised by the private companies that own and control our networks of communication. And yet, most of our effort and ambition in the technology industry are not going towards building for the open web.

Anil Dash

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Debugging in Python. The missing manual for Python’s powerful pdb debugger.

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Announcing Kong: A server description and deployment testing tool. An ultra simple website monitoring tool written in Django which makes it easy to manage a list of Twill scripts for testing different sites. It was developed at the Lawrence Journal-World—Eric showed me a demo if this a year or so ago and I’ve been hoping they would open source it.

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