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Thursday, 19th November 2009

Programmers don’t use launch-fast-and-iterate out of laziness. They use it because it yields the best results. By obstructing that process, Apple is making them do bad work, and programmers hate that as much as Apple would.

Paul Graham # 10:13 pm

Chromium OS User Experience. The 2 minute UI concept video is probably the best way to understand the ideas behind Google’s Chrome OS. # 10:12 pm

Authority, historically, gets bestowed on the gatekeepers of information, such as Britannica, universities, newspapers, etc. Everything that can be digitized will be digitized, and will then be available over the internet, which is disruptive, not only to business models, but to authority.

Joe Gregorio # 6:53 pm

Simple CouchDB multi-master clustering via Nginx. An impressive combination. CouchDB can be easily set up in a multi-master configuration, where writes to one master are replicated to the other and vice versa. This makes setting up a reliable CouchDB cluster is as simple as putting two such servers behind a single nginx proxy. # 4:37 pm

The OS Opportunity. John Gruber repeats his argument that PC makers should create their own OSes, and points out that compatibility concerns are less important than they’ve ever been because “the Web provides us with a core set of software and APIs that work everywhere”. # 8:02 am

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