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Sunday, 15th June 2008

Camouflage. My other key piece of OS X presenting software—hides all of the icons on the desktop (no need to drag them all in to an “Archive” folder every time I give talk). # 6:29 pm

Caffeine. I’ve been using this for several months and I love it: it’s a simple OS X menu bar icon that lets you prevent your Mac from dimming the screen, going to sleep or starting a screen saver. Perfect for giving presentations and watching Flash movies full screen. # 6:27 pm

XML is better if you have more text and fewer tags. And JSON is better if you have more tags and less text. Argh! I mean, come on, it’s that easy. But you know, there’s a big debate about it.

Steve Yegge # 6:09 pm

Minimal. James Bennett follows Ryan Tomayko’s example and experiments with the minimalist school of blog design. # 11:40 am

Spicing Up Embedded JavaScript. John Resig collects the various ways in which a JavaScript interpreter can be hosted by Python, PHP, Perl, Ruby and Java. There are full JS implementations in PHP, Perl and Java; Ruby and Python both have modules that use an embedded SpiderMonkey. # 11:32 am

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