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Sunday, 29th June 2008

Microformats and accessibility: the soap opera that never ends. “Be sure to tune in next week, when we’ll drown a leading accessibility expert to see if she’s a witch.”

# 8:44 am / accessibility, funny, mark-pilgrim, microformats, witch

Dissecting today’s Internet traffic spikes (via) Theo Schlossnagle on how the increasing popularity of interest aggregation services such as Digg and Reddit result in traffic spikes that dwarf the old Slashdot effect, making a the old rules of thumb for capacity planning irrelevant.

# 2:12 pm / capacityplanning, digg, reddit, scaling, slashdotting, theoschlossnagle

Dark Launches, Gradual Ramps and Isolation: Testing the Scalability of New Features on your Web Site. Smart advice from Dare Obasanjo that extend the “dark launch” idea illustrated by Facebook chat a few weeks ago.

# 2:22 pm / dare-obasanjo, darklaunches, facebook, gradualramps, isolation, scaling, systemarchitecture

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