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Tuesday, 10th June 2008

the tls report (via) Clever service that analyses a web server’s SSL implementation and grades it based on things like the protocols, certificates, ciphers and key lengths it supports. Includes public reports on the top and bottom 20 sites. # 11:49 pm

Shortcutting render_to_response. I tend to use a simple wrapper function, but the other options described here are worth exploring. This is why I’m so keen on Django’s “take a request object, return a response object” philosophy—it makes it trivial to extend the framework in the direction you want. # 11:49 am

Reputation patterns in the Yahoo! Design Pattern Library (via) Pragmatic advice from Yahoo! on encouraging community participation. # 11:49 am

Is It OK to Require JavaScript? Not if you can avoid doing so. Unobtrusive JavaScript really isn’t hard if you design it in from the start, and since stackoverflow is a community forum / questions and answers site I have trouble imagining a feature that can’t be made to work without JavaScript. # 6:41 am

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