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Tuesday, 3rd June 2008

Facebook Open Platform. Facebook have open-sourced (under a modified MPL, does it still fit the OSI definition?) the code for the Facebook Platform, including their implementations of FBML, FQL and FBJS. This is no small release; the tarball weighs in at 40MB and includes libfbml, which depends on Firefox for its HTML parser!

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App Engine Fan: Efficient Global Counters. Implementing efficient counters in Google App Engine, using shards and/or memcached.

# 12:56 am / appengine, counters, googleappengine, memcached

SquirrelFish. WebKit’s JavaScript engine was no slouch, but that hasn’t stopped them from replacing it with a brand new “register-based, direct-threaded, high-level bytecode engine, with a sliding register window calling convention”. It runs 1.6x faster and has the Best Logo Ever.

# 7:57 am / bytecode, javascript, logo, performance, safari, squirrelfish, webkit

The orphaned baby heron that had to be taught how to fly. Hooray for “Dude” the Heron. The Mail on Sunday have the best photos...

# 9:45 am / dudetheheron, heron, mailonsunday

Bird taught to fly by a MAN. ... but the Sun have video.

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The Machine That Changed the World: Great Brains. I’ve been really enjoying Andy Baio’s series of out-of-print documentaries on technology and the internet, so a few weeks ago I got in touch with him to tip him off about the existence of “The Dream Machine”, a series on the history of computers from 1992 that had a huge effect on my then 11-year-old self. Thanks to Twitter, Jesse Legg and Andy’s awesome foraging skills he’s dug up the US version (same series, different name) and is posting it online. I really can’t recommend it enough!

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