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Sunday, 8th June 2008

Updated jQuery Bookmarklet. Nicer than my own “Inject jQuery” bookmarklet because it drops in a temporary message confirming that jQuery has been imported (or telling you that jQuery was already present). # 8:46 pm

There was a time when you could whip out a parser in lex and yacc, stitch together a naive VM and throw it over the wall and you’d have a new scripting language. Those days are coming to a close and in a few years (if not months) you won’t be able get traction with anything unless it does direct threading, is register based, has generational GC, does peephole optimizations, does trace-folding, does type-inferenced inline caching, etc.

Joe Gregorio # 9:36 am

Geohash for spatial index and search. Nice, clear explanation of what a Geohash is. It’s a way of encoding a lat/lon position as a short string, with the useful property that similar co-ordinates with more or less significant figures share a common prefix in their geohash. # 9:35 am

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