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Monday, 16th June 2008

There is a reason why Flickr eventually killed Yahoo! Photos and why it was decided that Google Video be relegated to being a search brand while YouTube would be the social sharing brand. The brand baggage and the accompanying culture made them road kill.

Dare Obasanjo # 2:54 pm

Deep Profiling jQuery Apps. Neat plugin from John Resig that monkey-patches most (all?) of the jQuery methods to build up a detailed profile of which methods are being used by a given page. # 10:20 am

Comet (programming) on Wikipedia on 4th June 2008 (via) The last useful version (which I had pointed many people to) before it was gutted down to just a couple of paragraphs by infuriating deletionists. # 9:34 am

The fatal flaw of deletionism is the mindset of deciding what someone else *should* find interesting

Jeff Atwood # 8:23 am

Wikipedia:Canvassing (via) Apparently it’s considered bad form to tell people about debates occurring on Wikipedia (such as votes for deletion). Looks like a policy designed to discourage the participation of subject experts in favour of the participation of Wikipedia process gnomes. # 8:23 am

There are two [Wikipedias]: One is the public-facing reliable-enough-on-average encyclopedia that people read every day, which makes for nice fluff pieces in the media about “these new Web thingamajigs that the kids are building, aren’t they neat?”. The other is the insular behind-the-scenes bureaucracy, which reads like an improvised performance of the collected writings of Clay Shirky.

James Bennett # 8:16 am

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