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llm-embed-onnx. I wrote a new plugin for LLM that acts as a thin wrapper around onnx_embedding_models by Benjamin Anderson, providing access to seven embedding models that can run on the ONNX model framework.

The actual plugin is around 50 lines of code, which makes for a nice example of how thin a plugin wrapper can be that adds new models to my LLM tool.

# 28th January 2024, 10:28 pm / embedding, plugins, projects, ai, llm


Wikipedia search-by-vibes through millions of pages offline (via) Really cool demo by Lee Butterman, who built embeddings of 2 million Wikipedia pages and figured out how to serve them directly to the browser, where they are used to implement “vibes based” similarity search returning results in 250ms. Lots of interesting details about how he pulled this off, using Arrow as the file format and ONNX to run the model in the browser.

# 4th September 2023, 9:13 pm / embedding, search, wikipedia, webassembly


Spicing Up Embedded JavaScript. John Resig collects the various ways in which a JavaScript interpreter can be hosted by Python, PHP, Perl, Ruby and Java. There are full JS implementations in PHP, Perl and Java; Ruby and Python both have modules that use an embedded SpiderMonkey.

# 15th June 2008, 11:32 am / embedding, java, javascript, john-resig, perl, php, python, ruby, spidermonkey