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Thursday, 5th April 2007

Thankfully, because of the accountability that is built into the web itself (the URL structure is fundamentally accountable), I believe that while the vulnerability of the live web to spam is real, it is managable.

David Sifry # 11:39 pm

Fortify JavaScript Hijacking FUD. Bob Ippolito points out the flaws in the recent widely disseminated JavaScript Hijacking paper. While the paper does miss some important details, it’s good that more people are now aware of the security implications involved in serving JSON up wrapped in an array. # 10:51 pm

Twitter / secgen. The UN Secretary-General has an (unofficial) Twitter page. # 10:21 pm

Eat Brain At Fleshmob This Saturday. Zombie fleshmob on Saturday afternoon somewhere near the Thames. # 5:59 pm

Google My Maps: Bodeans. I’ve been talking about how useful a simple tool for creating custom maps would be for ages... looks like Google beat me to it. Here’s one I created showing the location of Bodeans, an excellent Kansas-style BBQ joint in Soho, London. It’s a shame the URLs suck. # 5:40 pm

CSS Naked Day. Today is CSS naked day. Get naked! # 8:27 am

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