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Wednesday, 11th April 2007

Web Technologies for Opera Web Applications. A one page summary of the various standards and extensions supported by Opera. # 2 pm

Disabling keyboard controls in the Yahoo! Maps Ajax API. map.disableKeyControls() is the incantation—without it, the map will pan when you use the keyboard to scroll up and down the containing page. # 1:47 pm

Soviet Military Maps History. “I have been researching the history of the Soviet global mapping project and, in particular, the large scale plans of British and Irish towns and cities produced from 1950s to 1990.” # 12:43 pm

JSON and Browser Security. Douglas Crockford suggests using secret tokens to protect JSON content, and avoiding wrapper hacks to protect unauthorised JSON delivery as they may fall foul of undiscovered browser bugs in the future. # 12:52 am

Setting Type on the Web to a Baseline Grid. Wilson Miner introduces a smart, methodical approach to well proportioned Web typography. # 12:08 am

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