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Wednesday, 25th April 2007

Introducing http:BL (via) Project Honey Pot announce a new blacklist service for blocking comment spammers and e-mail spiders using information from their network of honey pots. # 11:39 pm

The joy of pdb.set_trace(). I use nosetests --pdb-failures as my main entrypoint for Python debugging—it starts the debugger at the first failing test. # 11:37 pm

Oxford Geek Night videos. The videos from the last Oxford Geek Night have now been posted. # 9:01 pm

Scribd. This appears to be social software for the huge population of people who can’t imagine creating anything without using Word. # 7:22 pm

The sliding scale. Jeremy’s write-up of my panel at the Web 2.0 Expo, with illustrative photograph. # 7:09 pm

The Web Design Survey, 2007. A List Apart is trying to learn more about our community. # 1:47 am

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