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Tuesday, 6th January 2004

Daring Fireball: A Big Garage. John Gruber thinks GarageBand demonstrates the essence of Apple’s target audience # 10:31 pm

Give online news stories a relative importance rank. Some really interesting comments # 10:07 pm

MacWorld. Matt Haughey thinks they blew it as well. # 9:03 pm

iPod mini. Todd thinks Apple blew it. I’m inclined to agree. # 9 pm

But what does it actually DO? People who write marketing blurbs for websites should be re-educated with a two-by-four # 5:41 pm

Continuations Made Simple and Illustrated (via) And I still haven’t quite got them figured out :o/ # 3:27 am

Mailio—email with training wheels (via) Webmail for kids, with a parent controlled whitelist # 3:26 am

PaWS 2004

Here’s an interesting topic for a conference: PHP and Web Standards, to be held in Manchester from February 20th to the 24th. I’ve devoted a lot of time and energy to combining the two for this blog—it’s a shame I’ll be out of the country when the conference rolls around. I should be able to make it to SXSW this year though.

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The people have spoken... the bastards. The highly amusing tail of an online/phone poll gone wrong # 3:08 am

CSS Fast Rollovers Without Preload—Updated (via) Now with a fix for an obscure IE bug # 2:59 am

I’ll take Social Software for $1,000 please, Alex. (via) More on the pros and cons of social networking software # 2:52 am

Non-link element hovering in MSIE. A good summary of the latest kick-IE-in-to-compliance Javascript technique # 2:51 am

TagSoup (via) Forgiving HTML parser written in Java # 2:50 am (via) Another excellent niche blog # 2:48 am

Decentralised social networking

I know I’m late to the party, but my recent experiments with LinkedIn and Friendster have got me all interested in the potential of software that bulids on top of people’s own social networks. There’s just one thing that’s been bugging me, best explained by this quote from Om Malik:

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AppScripting (via) The power of AppleScript with the less verbose syntax of Python # 2:12 am

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