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Thursday, 22nd January 2004

Primate Photo Gallery. Pictures of monkeys. I like monkeys. # 11:31 pm

10 reasons why RSS is not ready for prime time. The title says it all # 11:06 pm

CSS Hacks—HTML-only Filters Summary. Hiding CSS using HTML filters # 7:24 pm

Bring Me Your Regexs! I Will Create HTML To Break Them! “Parsing HTML is a solved problem. Use a library.” # 5:13 am

integrating javascript into stylesheets (via) It’s a shame this trick doesn’t appear to work in user stylesheets # 5:13 am

When Word-to-XML conversion gets nasty. “it is impossible to automatically convert unstructured sources into structured formats” # 3:06 am

NAA Digital Edge Winners Announced. We won best entertainment site for :) # 1:13 am

Defending web applications against dictionary attacks

Over at Reflective Surface, Ronaldo M. Ferraz discusses the usability of an authentication system that locks down an account for a certain period of time after three failed login attempts. Ronaldo sees this as a trade off between usability and security, but I see it more as an added security issue in that it allows malicious third parties to lock other user’s accounts armed only with their username.

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