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Saturday, 10th January 2004

Tips For New Switchers (via) I wish I’d read this before I’d set up my Mac

# 9:49 pm

Gollum iPod T-shirts (via) I guess I’d have to get an iPod first...

# 9:40 pm

ColorSync Profiles (via) More crazy Mac prettiness

# 7:38 am

TiVo-to-go inherently broken? A good reponse to Cory’s “dinosaur industry” rant

# 7:29 am

Microsoft ships GPL’d software (via) Who’d a thunk it?

# 7:26 am

Backseat driving

Just one of the many gems to be found in Greg Knauss’ Devil’s Dictionary.

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Blog as Contact Manager. Managing contacts with a weblog and CVS

# 6:19 am

Linux on the WRT54G (via) Install Linux on your LinkSys Wireless router

# 6:18 am

uControl. Make your PowerBook’s keyboard behave

# 6:16 am

Tongue mounted vibrators (via) I kid you not

# 6:14 am

Amazon’s not-really-sekrit 800 number. Useful to know

# 6:12 am


Sorry for the radio silence; I’ve been playing with my new Mac. It’s been an almost entirely positive experience—it’s certainly the most enjoyable computer I’ve ever owned. I’ve also only crashed an application once so far—bizarrely it was the Terminal while accidentally pasting in a whole bunch of junk. Other than that the system stability and performance is excellent—and it’s only running on 256 MB of RAM while I try and find one of those tiny screwdrivers to install the upgrade.

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