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Wednesday, 21st January 2004

Netcat 1.10 Readme. Ultra useful command-line networking tool # 11:32 pm

Beware of Strangers. Neat anti-comment spam idea: watch out for IP addresses that have never visted your site before # 9:41 pm

Moveable Type now kills PageRank on comment links

This is pretty cool: Moveable Type 2.661 is out and includes a whole bunch of comment spam fighting features, including one inspired by my own anti-spam measure of disabling PageRank on links from comments by sending them through a redirect. This is great news for me as the redirect acts as a deterrent, and deterrents are only worthwhile if people know about them in the first place. With the most popular blogging system (at least amongst comment spammers) now featuring the same deterrent hopefully SEO spammers will start to get the message.

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