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Friday, 30th January 2004

The PC G5 thing was a hoax. Thank goodness for that :) # 11:19 pm

Ian Lloyd holding a wombat (via) I never knew they were so fat # 8:35 pm

Accessible UK Train Timetable (via) Great use of screen scraping to fix broken websites # 7:53 pm

Slouching toward Big Brother (via) Security is a trade-off # 7:18 pm

IE Factor, Exemplified. Detailed explanation of an obscure IE border bug # 7:16 pm

Election boxes easy to mess with (via) More on Diebold’s ludicrous security # 7:11 pm

Wired News: Flower Power Takes on Land Mines (via) Good science at work # 7:10 pm

RSS native parsing in the next Firebird. Aggregators, aggregators, everywhere I look # 6:59 pm

Bouncing Termsheets. Understanding venture capital # 6:17 pm

craigblog. Craig from craigslist blogs # 5 pm

Custom URLParser for Webware. Our new in-house CMS does something similar # 4:57 pm

Hutton—a wise old bird? (via) Hutton conspiracy theories # 4:39 pm

Greylisting (via) Interesting short term approach to email spam # 8:25 am

No more usernames in URLs

This one could get very interesting. Microsoft have announced that an upcoming update to Internet Explorer will remove the ability to include usernames in URLs completely. This is in response to the growing problem of so called “phishing” scams, which use trick URLs to con important information such as passwords and credit card details out of unsuspecting browser users.

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