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Thursday, 1st January 2004

MozillaZine Review of the Year 2003. A tumultuous year # 11:35 pm

Targets for 2004

Looking back on 2003, one thing really stuck out for me: I didn’t learn a new programming language. The Pragmatic Programmers recommend learning at least one new language every year, and I’ve heard similar advice from other notable authorities; Ruby’s Matz made a similar point in an article published just the other day.

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Object relational mappings are over-rated...

... At least according to Tim Bray:

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Happy New Year!

Happy New Year to all my friends back in the UK. Of course, here in Kansas it’s only 6pm. Gotta love those time zones (Second worst idea ever. (See DaylightSavingTime) A nightmare from which we can never escape. Think JetLag is bad? TimeZones are worse, because we all have it, and they won’t go away after a few oddly timed naps.)

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