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Friday, 23rd January 2004

Simple thread pools. Writing threaded Python apps using workers and queues # 8:40 pm

Edward Tufte: Ask E.T. forum. Great forum for information design # 8:39 pm

Python, Readline, and Mac OS X. Includes an awesome Panther one-liner to install readline support # 8:38 pm (via) Mac OS X Python Resources # 8:37 pm

Countries I have visited (via) I really want to visit South America some time # 7:25 pm

MySQL tips. Rob Hudson’s tips on MySQL paging and vertical result sets # 4:33 pm

My Yahoo! RSS Beta Launched. The “adaptive polling cycle” on the crawler sounds like fun # 4:28 am

Simple tricks for more usable forms

My second article for SitePoint has been published: Simple tricks for more usable forms. It examines a whole bunch of CSS and Javascript tricks for improving the usability of web based forms without impairing their accessibility to clients that don’t support those technologies. The article has already had some useful feedback on the forums, including the valuable observation that auto-selecting the contents of a form field when it receives the focus can have a negative effect on the usability of Unix browsers, where mouse buttons are frequently used for coping and pasting.

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