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apple-notes-to-sqlite (via) With the help of ChatGPT I finally figured out just enough AppleScript to automate the export of my notes to a SQLite database. AppleScript is a notoriously read-only language, which is turns out makes it a killer app for LLM-assisted coding. # 9th March 2023, 6:04 am


AppScripting (via) The power of AppleScript with the less verbose syntax of Python # 6th January 2004, 2:12 am


X vs. XP: Scriptability (via) I can’t wait to get my teeth in to AppleScript # 30th December 2003, 7:08 pm

Blogging with AppleScript

Les Orchard describes an intriguing blogging tool built with AppleScript that posts links to a weblog when they are dragged on to a special folder on the OS X desktop.

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