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Thursday, 16th January 2003

Blogging with AppleScript

Les Orchard describes an intriguing blogging tool built with AppleScript that posts links to a weblog when they are dragged on to a special folder on the OS X desktop.

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Vellum looks nice

Stuart has released the code for Vellum, his new Python blogging system. I haven’t tried it out yet (the installation process is pretty in depth and I don’t have a properly configured server to hand) but it looks damn sexy. Key features include:

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Who needs web standards?

Aquarion points out a truly moronic “browser upgrade” notice. I especially like Anything larger than 800 x 600 is too large, and the pages do not diosplay [sic] properly.

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Fun with body IDs

Mark has hit on the clever idea of using the body tag’s id attribute to apply different styles to different pages all from the same stylesheet. The technique is very neat, but it would be even neater if he combined it with Eric Meyer’s CSS Signatures to allow advanced users to specify their own styles for his site. Since the ID attribute can’t be overloaded with more than one value doing so would probably mean having to use the body tag’s class attribute as well—the id attribute could hold the signature while the class attribute specified the page (or vice versa).

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