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Sunday, 19th January 2003

A global conversation

Dave Winer on TrackBacks and push backs (and presumably PingBack as well):

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Recursive how?

I just can’t figure out how Recursive was made.

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Pythonology (via Deadly Bloody Serious about Python) is a Python advocacy site aimed at software engineers and managers. The site has a fantastic collection of case studies, Python Success Stories, which an interesting piece describing why and how Rackspace migrated their main enterprise data system from PHP to Python.

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Alternative rollover script

And here’s Daniel Nolan’s standards compliant rollover script, which uses a different approach (based on rollover images using a standard naming convention with a suffix attached to the name of the original image) but achieves the same effect, working in Opera 7 as well. It also uses a neat way of adding events using javascript function prototypes.

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Better image rollovers

When browsing through other site’s source code, some of the ugliest HTML occurs when the site uses one of the most basic javascript effects: The image rollover. There are a myriad of these scripts available for free on the web, but as far as I can tell every single one of them requires event handling code to be added to the markup of the page.

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