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Tuesday, 28th January 2003

More markovers

Other remakes: (via Scripting News): Gary Taylor, Dave Polaschek, Douglas Bowman. Doug’s is particularly impressive, featuring an almost pixel perfect recreation of the original page with nice semantic markup and nods towards accessibility as well.

[... 40 words] table using floats

I’ve knocked up another attempt at in CSS, this time using floats instead of absolute/relative positioning. It seems to work pretty well.

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K5 text ads

Via Inluminent, a short Q&Awith Rusty of K5 discussing the site’s innovative new text-ads-with-comments format.

[... 335 words]

Weblogs markover

Also, I know it isn’t what Dave was after but I’ve recreated the front page of in structural/semantic XHTML and CSS as well. Again, it works fine in Phoenix and IE 6 but probably needs a few tweaks for other modern browsers (and Netscape 4 gets a plain layout without any styles at all). I’ve actually got quite a large collection of “markovers” now—I started doing them last year while learning CSS and they have been accumulating ever since. One of these days I plan to put them online together with a basic overview of the techniques used and problems encountered with each one.

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Weblogs table as an ordered list

Dave Winer:

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