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Sunday, 5th January 2003

Browser upgrade messages enter history

There’s been something of a backlash against “browser upgrade” messages recently, for a variety of reasons. Now Jeffrey Zeldman, the man who brought upgrade messages widespread attention in the first place, has admitted that he too is moving away from them. With 4.0 browsers almost a thing of the past and awareness of web standards much greater than it was a year ago it looks like they may have hit their retirement date. Incidentally, Jeffrey’s post includes the following piece of standards compliance propoganda which, while old hat to most people, I feel is still worth a quote:

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Merging comments and pingbacks


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Internet Explorer cheats!

I had alway wondered why IE appears to work so fast sometimes (not that I am at all unhappy with the speed displayed by Phoenix). Now I know—unsurprisingly, IE and IIS are cheating. Read the explanation here (via mpt).

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