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Wednesday, 26th November 2003

Tears for Istanbul. I wish I could write like this # 8:10 pm

Quake done Quick. Quake in 12 minutes 23 seconds # 8:08 pm

Super Mario Brothers 3... in 11 minutes. Wow. Reminds me of Quake Done Quick. # 8:07 pm

The End of RSS (via) Even with caching, RSS simply doesn’t scale # 4:58 pm

How to freeze Python classes (via) Fun with __setattr__ # 4:45 pm

MS-Word is NOT a document exchange format (via) Don’t lock in others # 4:14 pm

OS recommendations for ATMs. Apparently Windows XP is an “open platform”. # 5:48 am

Diebold ATMs hit by Nachi Worm. Fascinating anonymous comment on /. about cracking ATMs # 5:28 am

Why run Windows on an ATM?

So you’re writing the software for an ATM. It needs to display something pretty on the screen, control the hardware that serves out the money and talk securely to your central servers. It also needs to be stable, secure, reliable and allow remote administration. Why on earth would you choose Windows as the operating system?

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XML-RPC Progress. I’ll try to blog this properly tomorrow # 5:02 am


Pyrex is a language for writing Python extension modules. It’s pretty interesting—the syntax looks very similar to Python (the authors claim you can write C extension modules without knowing anything about the Python/C API) but uses additional type hints to compile down to ultra efficient C code, ready to be imported in to your Python applications. The prime numbers example maakes things a lot more clear:

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Weihnachtsmann Weitwurf. I can’t seem to beat 350.4 # 2:54 am

cleaning up html snippets. Another way of fixing dubious HTML with Python # 2:44 am

DB_File. Perl5 access to Berkeley DB # 2:38 am

Python Bindings for BerkeleyDB 3.x. More Berkeley DB goodness # 2:38 am

Discovering Berkeley DB

I’m working on a project at the moment which involves exporting a whole bunch of data out of an existing system. The system is written in Perl and uses Berkeley DB files for most of its storage.

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Feed you

Wow, that’s what I call feedback! It’s a shame pretty much everyone hates the new design but I like it so it stays. I’ve taken a few tips though and tweaked the link colours a bit, as well as making a few other small changes such as a darker green for the header and a 1em margin around the page.

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Creating an SVG Wiki (via) If only the Mozilla SVG project would produce the goods # 1:02 am

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