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Sunday, 30th November 2003

Metakit (via) Relational, object oriented, tree structured all in one database # 7:14 pm

Well-Designed Weblogs. Each of these designs makes me seethe with jealousy # 1:01 am

<LocationMatch> Directive. Is it wrong of me to get excited by this? # 12:54 am

Disinfopedia (via) The encyclopedia of propaganda—not quite sure what to make of this one # 12:50 am

Unusable Web. Keith’s superb web design guidelines # 12:46 am

New IE Holes Discovered. 7 new vulnerabilities, all currently unpatched # 12:45 am

Debuggers are a wasteful Timesink (via) It’s more a case of “don’t use them until you really have to” # 12:44 am

Repartitioning with Knoppix

I’ve been long bemoaning the fact that if you want to repartition your hard drive to install Linux as a dual boot with an existing Windows system the most frequently recommended method is to buy a copy of Partion Magic. You would have thought the open source software world would have provided a free alternative by now.

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