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Sunday, 23rd November 2003

Jonathan Caves: Adventures in Visual C (via) Who’d have thought Microsoft would have all the best in-house bloggers? # 11:59 pm

Rekall press release (via) Open source alternative to Access # 11:57 pm

UserModeLinux—Educational Technology Wiki (via) Includes a list of cheap UML hosts—$15/month for a virtual dedicated server # 11:56 pm

Numerical Python. Some day I really ought to get this installed and figure it out # 11:55 pm

Python Natural Language Toolkit (via) Yet another reason Python at University is a great idea # 11:54 pm

FunFormKit Quick Start. You wouldn’t believe how similar this is to a system we’ve just created at work # 11:53 pm

Perl Slurp-Eaze (via) I once saw an expensive CMS self destruct after $/ was redefined # 11:51 pm

The underscore hack

Via Web-Graphics, Petr Pisar’s Underscore Hack provides a new way of targetting CSS rules specifically at Internet Explorer on Windows. As with all such hacks, the pros and cons of using this approach need to be closely examined before deploying it. The hack takes advantage of the fact that adding an underscore to the start of a property name causes that declaration to be ignored by every browser except IE for Windows. However, the hack takes the dangerous step of using one bug to solve another. Peter-Paul Koch explained why this is a risky thing to do in a recent column for Digital Web magazine:

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