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Tuesday, 11th November 2003

More required reading

Via Craig, Big John and Holly Bergevin present Float: The Theory and Flowing and Positioning: Two Page Models. Both articles take a complex topic and present it in clear, straight forward terms with excellent illustrations and the kind of insight in to browser bugs (in particular the vagaries of IE) that you just won’t find anywhere else.

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Browser testing utopia

10 browsers on one Windows machine, including 5 different versions of Internet Explorer

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Innovation chez Orchard

Dunstan Orchard’s great looking blog has had a whole bunch of upgrades, and some of them are pretty interesting. Firstly, he’s taken my blockquote citations script and modified it to handle citations that aren’t links in an intelligent way. He also now has a comment spam blacklist (I really need to work out the syndication details for that and publish some code).

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