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Tuesday, 25th November 2003

XHTML and Accessibility in ASP.NET Whidbey (via) A definite improvement, but __VIEWSTATE still gives me the willies # 11:13 pm

Unix “find” command mini-tutorial. The most useful thing I’ve learnt all week # 9:11 pm

Colour tools. A roundup of tools that help create colour schemes. # 7:39 pm

PostgreSQL 7.4

Last week’s release of PostgreSQL 7.4 made a great open source project even better—it even managed to impress hard-core MySQL advocate Jeremy Zawodny. The detailed release notes show that most of the improvements were with regards to performance, but the thing that really caught my eye was tsearch2, the new full text indexing suite. A bit of digging brought up the CVS tree for the new module, which in turn lead me to this tutorial style overview of its capabilities.

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Collaborative Redesign

Out with the orange, in with the green. As with my last redesign, only the CSS changed. A fun deviation with this one was that it was a collaboration between myself and Natalie over nearly 5,000 miles, using edit styles and AIM to pass each other snippets of CSS and instantly try them out.

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How Regexes Work (via) They’re just simplified syntax for constructing a state machine # 12:27 am

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