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Wednesday, 19th November 2003

Contribute / ProFTPd problem solved

After further analysis of the Contribute problem described earlier, we discovered that Contribute was opening a new FTP connection every time we clicked a link within the application even before we had hit the “edit page” button to fire up the editing mode. Switching the connection over to use SFTP instead of FTP had the same problem, with a secure connection being opened for each link we clicked instead. The connections remained open until we shut down Contribute.

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Teaching CSS: there’s a long way to go

This email to the css-discuss mailing list does a great job of describing the confusion and frustration that still confronts traditional web developers who are only just starting out on the road to mastering CSS. When you’ve “got it”, it’s easy to forget how much of a paradigm shift it is away from old school table methods. Here’s an extract:

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Sprint PCS goes CSS

The Sprint PCS site has relaunched, using XHTML 1.0 transitional and CSS. It’s another great example of a mostly web standards compliant commerical/corporate; there are a few validation errors thanks to a quarrelsome CMS. France Rupert is the lead developer behind the new site and is promising a detailed writeup of the process and challenges behind the redesign. France hails from Kansas City, so hopefully we’ll be able to get him along to a web meetup in the not too distant future.

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