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Tuesday, 22nd April 2003

Entry Titles

As promised many times, I’ve finally implemented titles on my blog entries. I’m in the transitional stage at the moment—new posts will have them, old posts won’t. At some point in the near future I’m going to trawl through the archives (all 938 entries) and add titles to everything. Once I’ve done that I can look at changing other stuff like the RSS feeds, and maybe even get around to re-implementing some kind of search engine. Then there’s the new hierarchical category system, a whole bunch of accessibility improvements, better archives, comment email-alerts...

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Tantek: What to do with things to do:

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Smarty Links

I’m using Smarty in a project at Uni at the moment, mainly as a tool to allow team members to modify different parts of the codebase without stepping on each other’s toes. I’ve seen some good arguments against templating solutions such as Smarty, based around the point that PHP is already a templating engine so the extra layer of abstraction just isn’t necessary. Never-the-less, I’ve been finding that Smarty dramatically improves my productivity even when I’m working on my own. Here are the links I’ve provided for my team members to help get them up to scratch on how it can be used:

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Credit where credit’s due

Credit where credit’s due: It turns out the interface for re-ordering items I praised yesterday was designed by Bryan Bell.

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Tim Bray on RSS

Tim Bray: RSS Needs Fixing:

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