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Thursday, 3rd April 2003

Closures and continuations

Thanks to Dan Sugalski (designer of Parrot, the next generation Perl VM) I finally understand what continuations and closures actually are. He explains them as part of a comparison between the forthcoming Parrot and two popular virtual machines already in existence:

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New favicon

This site now sports a funky favicon, care of Nat.

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Better DHTML navigation

Adrian Holovaty demonstrates how standards compliant code and effectively written javascript can decimate the size of a clunky navigation interface, and make it more usable and accessible to boot: Web standards improve navigation.

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Three column layouts in CSS

ThreeColumnLayouts in the css-discuss Wiki currently lists 24 freely available three column CSS layout templates.

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css-discuss archives back online

After several months spent offline, the css-discuss archives are back and better than ever thanks to the hard work of my colleagues at Incutio. As well as updating the archives with all of the missing posts from the past few months they’ve improved the URL scheme to make things more search engine friendly (hopefully Google will start indexing the archives now).

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Fixing quotes with Javascript

Marek Prokop has a cunning way of getting Internet Explorer to style <abbr> elements (IE, for reasons unknown, usually ignores their existence both as stylable elements and through the DOM). A comment by Mr. Farlops on diveintomark inspired me to have a go at fixing IE’s equally faulty quotes behaviour using javascript. Rather than detecting IE by checking for the presence of document.all, I decided to use a Microsoft specific proprietary extension: DHTML Behaviors.

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