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Monday, 7th April 2003

More on the new Yahoo

Unsurprisingly, the new Yahoo is generating a whole load of commentary. There’s a good thread going on Signals vs Noise, and ia/ has coverage as well. I’ve been playing with it a bit and it’s definitely an immense improvement on the current Yahoo, although it’s still not quite as usable or responsive as Google. I also noticed that the search results are exactly the same as Google’s (even for image search) so it looks like Yahoo haven’t switched over to Inktomi just yet.

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A new Yahoo

New York Times: Yahoo Plans Improvements in Effort to Regain Lost Ground. I’m guessing this is what it’s going to look like (via thelist).

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Free Mike Hawash

I thought the US was meant to be the land of the free.

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On, Flexible Node Retrieval introduces a new addition to the getElementsBy* family of javascript functions, getNodesByType. This general purpose function uses a callback function to “filter” the child nodes of a DOM element. It works a bit like PHP’s array_filter function. One for the toolbox.

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