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Thursday, 10th April 2003

Isolating Crashing Bugs

CodeBitch’s tips on isolating “crashing” bugs in CSS are mostly common sense, but are well worth reading in any case. Her methods could easily be adapted to help track down less serious bugs as well.

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Accessibility and DRM

Via Accessify, Joe Clark’s analysis of Accessibility implications of digital rights management. Also, the new issue of Made For All includes an interview with Joe Clark which focusses on web accessibility.

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Via Ed Tech Dev, HEML, the Historical Event Event Markup and Linking project, looks like a really interesting concept. It defines an XML format for marking up historical events, along with tools based on Java and XSLT that can convert Heml data in to SVG timelines and other useful representations.

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Views on Python

Two views on Python, from Kevin Altis and NTK respectively:

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