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Sunday, 13th April 2003

Artima Weblogs recently started hosting weblogs, with membership by invitation only. With people like Guido van Rossum and Ward Cunningham already signed up Artima looks set to become a very interesting corner of the blogging world.

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Home Improvements

Phil Ringnalda posted a rant about sites that don’t tell you how their comments system works—like this one. I’ve been meaning to add instructions for ages but never got round to it; now I have. Hopefully this will mean less comments with no line breaks or links that don’t work.

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The Dullest Blog in the World

There’s something almost Zen-like about the dullest blog in the world.

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Opera 7 for Linux

Opera 7.10 is out, and includes the first Opera 7 beta release for Linux. I’ll have to try this out when I get home.

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Creating a Collage

As someone with virtually no graphic design skills, Create A Collage With Fireworks on SitePoint is the kind of article I’d love to see more of.

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CSS Layout Generators

A tool for generating 3 column CSS layouts that appears to use Big John’s Source Ordered Columns technique. CSS generating tools are a thoroughly excellent idea and I’m surprised no one has done one before; the CSS community is at a point now where there are some well understood, solid layout techniques available and some kind of tool that helps generate frameworks for new designers could really help speed up CSS adoption.

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100 random pictures

100 random AltaVista pictures is fascinating, if not guaranteed work-safe.

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GNU Utilities for Win32

Via Leonard, GNU utilities for Win32 provides a whole bunch of useful utilities in Windows friendly binaries, without the need for external libraries such as Cygwin, including gzip, tar, flex, bison, make, grep and the ever useful wget. The package also includes diff, which makes me feel a lot more comfortable about using it from within PHP scripts as portability to Windows will no longer be an issue.

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Google Accusations Analysed

Search Engine Watch (with a nice new design but horrible markup) have an extensive analysis of the recent “Big Brother” accusations that have been levelled at Google.

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