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Saturday, 5th April 2003

Personal web cache

Jesse Lawrence is also looking to implement his own aggregator:

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Private wikis for personal organisation

I’ve been struggling with different methods of staying organised for as long a I can remember, but I think I’ve finally found something that works. A couple of days ago I set myself up a password protected Wiki (using my own slightly modified version of WikkiTikkiTavi) to see if a private personal Wiki could help me stay on top of things. It’s already proving remarkably useful. I’ve set up the front page as a to-do list, split in to University, Work and Personal sections. Any tasks which involve writing or developing ideas are wiki words linking to a page where I can develop them further. I’ve also got a section devoted to things I plan to blog (hence the recent surge in blogging activity), a bunch of links to useful sites and the beginnings of a collection of phone numbers and contact details. I also finally have a good place to keep all of those irritating but essential pieces of information such as my National Insurance number.

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Applications in Java

My opinion of Java as a platform for developing GUI applications has generally been that it results in slow, clunky, ugly software that is a pain to install, feels unresponsive and fails to behave in the way I expect a GUI to behave. I based this on my experience with Java applets (ugh) and Mediasurface, a content management system I had to struggle with for two years working for a dot-bomb in London.

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Absolute positioning on the wiki

I’ve put together some notes on constructing CSS layouts using absolute positioning over on the css-discuss Wiki. If you have any suggestions or improvements, just make them :)

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Bill Kearney responds

Bill Kearney posted this comment in response to yesterday’s semi-rant:

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Site moved

I’ve just finished migrating this site to a new server. Everything seems to be working, and the site appears to load noticably faster now.

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