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Friday, 11th April 2003

URI Design Resources

Via Column Two, pixelcharmer’s collection of URI design resources.

Verbose Regular Expressions

Ned Batchelder describes Verbose Python regular expressions. This is one of the things I’ve known about (as in known that they exist) for ages but have never got around to using. I’ve been working with some pretty heavy regular expressions recently that could really do with the clarity of being defined in verbose format with comments.

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PHP5 and Questioning OOP

An Interview with Sterling Hughes on PHP5 from the PHP-Con site:

[... 353 words]

Lots of RSS Aggregators

Via Ed Tech Dev (and others), an RSS Feed Reader / News Aggregators directory and an RSS Readers wiki page.

PHP SOAP Documentation

Finally some good documentation on using SOAP with PHP: PEAR::SOAP Client Fast Start and Extending PEAR::SOAP WSDL, both from the excellent phpPatterns.

CSS Support Charts

Time to update bookmarks: The Web Review CSS Support Charts, which went offline several weeks ago, are back at a new home on Netscape DevEdge. Despite not having been signiicantly updated since 2001 they still are still an excellent reference to refer to for CSS browser compatibility issues. More information from Eric Meyer.

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