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Wednesday, 23rd April 2003

Show Computed Styles (yet again)

By jove I think they’ve cracked it: Show applicable styles from Stuart and List computed (cascaded) styles from Pixy. Talk about being spoiled for choice :)

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Titles all the way

I’ve added titles to every single one of my archived blog entries; nearly a thousand of them. It took just over an hour, thanks mainly to my decision a long time ago to use camelCase for my permalinks. I put together a simple tool that displayed un-titled entries, ten at a time, with a suggested title based on the permalink (split in to words and sensibly capitalised). This probably knocked a good 75% off my workload.

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Python 2.2 Quick Reference

The Python 2.2 Quick Reference, via Michael Twomey. All the essential bits of Python on a single (if quite long) HTML page. Magic.

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Big news from Six Apart.

Ben Hammersley reports on SixApart’s (creators of Moveable Type) new venture, TypePad:

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Ian Lloyd has a very neat new tool on Accessify: Acrobot, an abbreviation and acronym generator. It takes a chunk of text and wraps any recognised abbreviations or acronyms in the appropriate tag, with the expanded term as the title (it can also optionally just use IE friendly acronyms). It shames me to say that after a good 6 months of using these tags I’m still doing them by hand, so Acrobot is just what I need (at least until I get something similar working in my blogging system). Registered Accessify members can expand the tool’s dictionary, so maybe I’ll have to bite the bullet and sign up for yet another web site account...

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Supporting Conditional GET in PHP

This site’s RSS feeds now support Conditional GET. Since the feeds are dynamically generated on every request, adding support took a bit of hacking around with PHP. Here’s the function I came up with (based on the excellent description provided by Charles Miller in the article linked above):

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