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Big news from Six Apart.

23rd April 2003

Ben Hammersley reports on SixApart’s (creators of Moveable Type) new venture, TypePad:

SixApart, the company behind the Movable Type weblogging system, is to lanch a new “hosted” service called TypePad later this year.

Like its rival, Blogger, the new system will be stored along with the user’s writing on a central server. This means that, for the first time, budding webloggers who want to use Movable Type—regarded as the one of the most powerful weblog-building systems—will not have to hire server space from hosting companies. Nor will they need to go through the sometimes difficult processes required to install the Movable Type system on their server.

Not only have they had a “major investment” from the firm run by Joi Ito, but they’ve just hired Anil Dash! More information on the Six Apart weblog. Exciting stuff.

This is Big news from Six Apart. by Simon Willison, posted on 23rd April 2003.

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