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22nd April 2003

Tantek: What to do with things to do:

Some areas of your life you want to expand and grow. Others have been neglected, and you need to work on restoring them. Most things just need to be maintained, and it might help to make a list of all the things that demand maintenance (how much and how frequently) in your life. Some of those things should probably be pruned away. And everyone I know has areas of their lives or unfinished projects that need to be closed off and put/parked away for good.

I can really relate to this. There are definitely things in my life that could do with either closure or pruning (or both). The problem is facing up to them.

(I think this is the most introspective thing I’ve ever posted on here).

This is Introspection by Simon Willison, posted on 22nd April 2003.

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