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llm-tracker. Leonard Lin’s constantly updated encyclopedia of all things Large Language Model: lists of models, opinions on which ones are the most useful, details for running Speech-to-Text models, code assistants and much more. # 23rd August 2023, 4:11 am


Some Notes on Distributed Key Stores. Another ringing endorsement for Tokyo Cabinet, this time from Leonard Lin. # 21st April 2009, 9:15 am

Infrastructure for Modern Web Sites. Leonard’s thoughts on what the next generation of web frameworks should aim to provide. # 29th January 2009, 1:36 pm


Internet Asshattery, Armchair Scaling Experts Edition (via) Leonard says what needs to be said about the most recent case of Twitter scaling flame-bait. # 25th April 2008, 11:19 pm


The Lessig debate

I watched Laurence Lessig’s OSCON keynote the other day (an 8.4MB Flash file courtesy of Leonard Lin). A transcript of the session is also available. It was an excellent presentation and really opened my eyes to the issues facing intellectual property in the United States. It also appears to have raised some hackles—Dave Winer took offence to the implication that developers had not done anything about the problem, and Doc Searls has responded to Dave’s criticism with some interesting background information on Lessig.

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