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Thursday, 3rd October 2002

Sam Ruby joins up

Sam Ruby has pingback. Ping!

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Sidekick suck

Leonard Lin has a new HipTop—a hand-held wireless device for browsing the internet. His description of how well different sites work in the device makes for depressing reading. Blogs constructed with CSS and web standards in mind frequently fair worse than less well structured sites—it seems that rather than ignoring the CSS as it should do the device’s browser attempts to render it and mangles sites in the process. Anil Dash has an excellent summary of why this is a Bad Thing(TM) for all involved.

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Term languages

These notes are from a Computation III lecture on 2nd October 2002.

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Lisp special forms

Special forms are generally exceptions to normal Lisp syntax that make coding easier and more convenient for the programmer. They are expressions that do not follow the normal rules of evaluation. Examples we have met so far include quote and if.

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EuLisp gives programmers the ability to define their own error handlers. The default error handler used by the interactive interpreter displays a description of the error and starts the debug loop.

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Mark Pilgrim explains why Google’s latest update tweaks (mentioned yesterday) are a lot less harmless than they first appeared.

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