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Monday, 21st October 2002


Dan Gillmor: Microsoft Piggy Bank Tops $40 Billion:

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Via Adrian Holovaty I discover Craig Saila has an excellent weblog, and is now pinging whenever he updates. A welcome addition to my blogroll.

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Validation on the fly

Douglas Bowman’s weblog is making very interesting reading at the moment. Douglas is responsible for Wired’s exciting new design and since the launch has been updating with observations and lessons learnt from the new look. On Friday he described how changing a problem with a design element took less than 60 seconds (thanks to global CSS files), but the post that caught my attention was this one:

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Qube looks pretty cool—it’s an open source first person shooter engine (and simple deathmatch game) designed specifically for mod developers. The client runs on both Windows and Linux, but the game server is Linux/BSD only. Spotted via this article on the O’Reilly network.

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Opera small screen rendering

Opera Small-Screen Rendering (via Leonard):

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More CSS layouts

I’m not sure when it happened, but has been redesigned (since the last time I checked the site). The new layout is done with valid XHTML and CSS but is decidedly tabular in appearance, demonstrating that using CSS does not (as some people have claimed) make it impossible to achieve the same kinds of layouts as table coders have been creating for years. It also degrades quite nicely in Netscape 4 (losing most of the layout but maintaining a crisp look and feel). In related news, Jeffrey Zeldman is currently redesigning The Daily Report with CSS (replacing his old transitional tables/CSS layout). No menu yet, but it displays in Netscape 4 almost exactly the same as Mozilla and IE.

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