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Tuesday, 22nd October 2002

Lots of iCal links

I’m writing a simple events calendar system at the moment, and since I always seem to end up making things more complicated than they should actually be I’ve been investigating using the iCal standard as the file format for storing events (I need a flat-file format due to hosting requirements). I’m particularly interested in the XML flavour of iCal, although it seems to be a lot less popular than the semicolon deliminated original standard. Mainly for my own reference, here are the sites I’ve trawled through this afternoon:

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Mozilla small screen rendering

Yesterday I blogged Opera’s impressive looking small screen rendering technology. Now take a look at this (via Blogzilla). Daniel Glazman has created a Mozilla bookmarklet that does everything Opera’s implementation claims to achieve using a combination of a custom style sheet and the DOM, and the results are impressively similar to Opera’s demonstration. The difference?

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RSS validator

The RSS Validator. My RSS feed validates—does yours?

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