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Thursday, 17th October 2002

Tricking browsers and hiding styles

Eric Meyer on CSS: Tricking Browsers and Hiding Styles. This bonus chapter which was not included in the book explains the various techniques that can be used to hide CSS rules from browsers, including the high pass filter and the infamous voice-model hack. Eric has also published Picking a Rendering Mode, a comprehensive guide to DOCTYPE switching and the effect it has on modern browsers.

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50 XSLT tips

50 XSLT Tips. I particularly like Tip 13, whish shows how you can use a recursive template call to print things out multiple times (for example, 5 asterisks for something with a 5 star rating).

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contentEditable in Mozilla

ContentEditable for Mozilla is a hot topic at the moment. The main focus of the debate is this bug on Bugzilla, which gets pretty heated. Blogzilla has a good explanation of the principles behind the disagreement, while Scott Andrew makes an excellent case for copying IE’s implementation:

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Where PR flacks come from?

Dorothea Salo skillfully explains her theory of where soulless PR flacks come from.

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I want this book

Dynamic HTML, 2nd edition is out (via Joel on Software). I want it.

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Mozilla prefetching

The Mozilla Link Prefetching FAQ (via Blogzilla). Prefetching is a browser mechanism, which utilizes browser idle time to download or prefetch documents that the user might visit in the near future. Web page authors can turn on prefetching for their pages using a <link rel="prefetch"> or <link rel="next"> element (or the corresponding Link: headers).

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