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Wednesday, 2nd October 2002

RDF query-o-matic

Mental note: Read Burning Bird’s RDF Query tutorial and have a play with the Query-o-matic.

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Write on

A year ago, Mark Pilgrim’s manager told him to stop blogging. He refused, and was fired a week later. Today Mark celebrates.

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Newspaper sites and the link element

Adrian Holovaty advocates the usage of next/previous link elements on newspaper sites to add optional linear navigation. His comments include some interesting discussions on whether or not this feature would really be of use on that kind of site.

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It seems Google have tweaked their algorithm a bit, resulting in several high profile webloggers losing their top ranking positions for a search on their name. Scott Andrew summarises the situation nicely:

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MySQL on Linux or FreeBSD?

Jeremy Zawodny: FreeBSD or Linux for your MySQL Server? Jeremy explains the differences in threading implementation between Linux and FreeBSD, and explains why Linux is a better option for MySQL databases running under a high load. Link via Scott who got it from Keith. I wonder if anyone has played with the idea of syndicating link-found-on information in an RSS feed? Tracking link trails could be quite interesting.

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