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Sunday, 20th October 2002

Advanced PHP resources

HarryF on the SitePoint forums has compiled a fantastic list of Advanced PHP Resources, with links to sites covering object orientation, general application design, n-tier layering and using PHP with XML.

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Useful LRP links

Some useful Linux Router Project links:

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Terminal Services vs WinVNC

Joel Spolsky explains why Microsoft’s Terminal Services performs far better than the open source WinVNC. Stuart points out that simple economics can make VNC a far more viable option in many situations.

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Generating HTML with XQuery

Generating XML and HTML using XQuery (via More Like This). I had been confusing XQuery with XPath—it turns out XQuery is a fully featured scripting language which can be used to do all kinds of things with data from XML documents. The article explains how XQuery can be used to build a web photo gallery application and compares XSLT and XQuery using a Docbook transformation example.

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CD Zapping

CD Zapping: Take one CD, Microwave at full power for 5 seconds, and place on top of tesla coil. Enjoy!

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Easy routing with Linux

I spent the last few days setting up a home network. I’m living in a student house with 4 other people and we recently shelled out for a 1 Mbit cable connection fron BlueYonder. I had never built a network before but neither had anyone else so the task of putting it all together fell on my shoulders.

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